Track a Shipment

Checking your order status online is fast, easy and accurate!  Just enter any one of the data items below about your order and the order status information will be retrieved.  Please enter only one of the requested items then press the "Find Orders" button.  3 orders will display at one time.

 Enter one of the following to retrieve your order status:

<% dim SQL2 dim PONumber dim OrderID dim ShipEmail PONumber = request("PONumber") OrderID = request("OrderID") ShipEmail = request("ShipEmail") If (PONumber <> "" AND OrderID = "" AND ShipEmail = "") Then SQL2 = "SELECT * FROM Order_Status WHERE PO_Number = ('" & PONumber & "') " ElseIf (PONumber = "" AND OrderID <> "" AND ShipEmail = "") Then SQL2 = "SELECT * FROM Order_Status WHERE Order_ID = ('" & OrderID & "') " ElseIf (PONumber = "" AND OrderID = "" AND ShipEmail <> "") Then SQL2 = "SELECT * FROM Order_Status WHERE Ship_Notice_Email = ('" & ShipEmail & "') " Else SQL2 = "SELECT * FROM Order_Status WHERE PO_Number = '1Z3098sd'" End If %>
PO Number   Order ID   Ship Notice Email
(Your PO Number)   (Our Order ID)   (Your Ship Notification Email Address)
<% Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") Dim colorchanger Dim color1 Dim color2 colorchanger = 0 color1 = "#C5D3E7" color2 = "#B0C4DE" RS2.Open SQL2, Conn2, 1, 3 If NOT (RS2.BOF AND RS2.EOF) Then %>

PO: <%=RS2("PO_Number")%> Customer: <%=RS2("Customer_Name")%> Last Update: <%=RS2("Last_Updated")%>

<% Do While Not RS2.eof If colorchanger = 1 Then colorchanger = 0 color1 = "#C5D3E7" color2 = "#B0C4DE" Else colorchanger = 1 color1 = "#DAE3F0" color2 = "#C5D3E7" End If %> <% RS2.movenext Loop %>
In-Hands Estimated Ship Order ID Carrier Tracking #
<%=RS2("In-Hands_Date")%> <%=RS2("Estimated_Ship_Date")%> <%=RS2("Order_ID")%> <%=RS2("Carrier")%> <%=RS2("Tracking_No")%>
<%End If%>
<%If (RS2.BOF AND RS2.EOF) Then%>
There are currently no orders that match your search.
<%End If%> <% RS2.close Set RS2 = Nothing %>

Check Carrier Shipping Status Online

Now that you have the Carrier name and Tracking Number from your order inquiry above, you can easily check the shipping status directly with the carrier's web site, simple as 1-2-3:

1) Highlight the tracking number from the order inquiry above and copy it to your clipboard(Right-click and choose 'Copy' or press Ctrl-C on your keyboard)
2) Click on the link below for the corresponding carrier's web site
3) Paste the Tracking No. in the appropriate field and press the 'Go' button.  Many carrier sites will refer to the tracking number as the "Pro" number; these are one and the same.  Their web sites may also require that you remove any punctuation from the Pro number, such as hyphens, etc.

NOTE: You must remove punctuation from the Pro number on their web site.

NOTE - YRC is now the combination of Yellow Freight and Roadway Express.