Designer bottle 20 oz. Sport 16.9 oz. Sport Cap 16oz
16.9 oz. Designer w/ Flat Black Cap 16.9 oz. Designer w/ Flat Black Cap 12 oz. Flat Cap 8oz. sport bottle 8 oz. Flat Cap 16.9 oz. Flat Black Cap

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Size it Up! - Mineral Springs offers a wide variety of bottle sizes to use with your custom label design. Choose 20 oz., 16.9 oz. (1/2 liter), 12 oz. or 8 oz. as shown above.  And remember, all bottles contain only 100% natural spring water!

Cap it Off!  - Flat caps and Sport caps are available on all size bottles except 20 oz. which only comes with sports caps and Designer bottles which only come with flat caps.  Keep in mind that the Sport Cap adds a few pennies to each unit.  Also, Flat Cap bottles transport more reliably because of the greater surface area when stacking on a pallet.  When in doubt, pick the Flat Cap!

  Custom labeled bottled water

When comparing suppliers, always ask if the labels are truly waterproof.  Paper labels without a laminate will NOT hold up in ice and water (imagine a beer bottle label).  Dare to compare the printing - ask for samples!  Printing quality varies greatly! Our in-house, 4-color process digital press produces laminated, photo-quality labels!  Always ask for a freight quote so you can calculate your total cost.  Other suppliers may advertise competitive bottle prices but their shipping and handling fees will be excessive.  Our great freight rates will make your Total Delivered Cost the absolute lowest.