Four Step Ordering Process
1. Pick a Bottle - Mineral Springs offers a wide variety of bottle sizes. Choose from 20 oz., 16.9 oz. (1/2 liter), 12 oz. (12 oz. blue sport bottle also available) or 8 oz. as shown in the Bottles section.  And remember, all bottles contain only 100% natural spring water!
2. Select a Cap Style  - Choose a cap for your bottle. Flat caps are available exclusively on the 8 oz. and 12 oz. clear bottles.  Sport cap is exclusive on the 20 oz. bottle and the 12 oz. blue.  The 16.9 oz. bottle (1/2 liter) is available in either Flat or Sport cap.  Keep in mind that the Sport Cap adds a few pennies to each unit.  Also, Flat Cap bottles transport more reliably because of the greater surface area when stacking on a pallet.  When in doubt, pick the Flat Cap!

3. Send us your Artwork  - Artwork for your custom label can be created 3 ways…

  • Emailing your digital artwork is a fast and easy way to accelerate the label design/setup process and get your order on its way.
  • No digital artwork?  No problem!  Submit your camera-ready artwork and we will take it from there. 
  • Don't have camera-ready artwork? Don't worry!  Our graphic artists will work with you to design a one-of-a-kind label using royalty-free artwork or create a new logo from scratch for your custom labeled bottled water. 
      Please see the Artwork Specifications and Submission info below for details.
4. Fax or Email Your Purchase Order  - Submit your purchase order to your Promotional Products Distributor as usual.  He/she will coordinate all of the details with Mineral Springs to insure that your Custom Labeled Spring Water is produced accurately, professionally and on time.
Select one of these template files to begin creating your custom label
Art Specifications - One-page Mineral Springs branded art specification sheet
8 oz. Label Template - 8 oz. label template
12 oz. Label Template - 12 oz. label template
16.9 oz. Label Template - 16.9 oz. label template
20 oz. Label Template - 20 oz. label template
Art Specs w/ Label Templates - Integrated Word document containing Mineral Springs branded art specs and all label templates
Art Specs w/ No ID - One-page unbranded art specification sheet
Art Specs - No ID w/ Label Templates - Integrated Word document containing unbranded art specs and all label templates
The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents.
Click on the icon to the right to link to the Adobe site.
  Use one of our templates to create your own custom label or have one of our own staff artists design it for you!